Saturday, November 20, 2010

Slow progress

Finally back in the 145lb range. 145.8 this morning, but I've wasted like a week going up to 148 and coming back down. So I haven't made any progress in a week! Harry Potter was awesome but I gave in to the soft pretzel bites w/ some cheese sauce...HATED myself. It was so avoidable too! I was the one who suggested getting a snack. I was stuffed my mouth with those pretzels so quickly I could barely carry on a conversion with my friends. Embarrassing. Yesterday i was good and only ate 180 calories, before my friends suggested we go out for drinks downtown. I was feeling lame and lonely b/c I was locking myself in my room so I wouldn't eat, so I really wanted to go. We ended up at a pizza place. I had 1 roll of bread w/ a bit of olive, whole wheat, and then ordered an argula salad (w/ sundried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and honey dressing). I had the dressing to the side, but I had like 3 thick cuts of cheese, so yummy. I also had 1 small slice of my friend's individual sized margarita pizza and 1 rigatoni noodles of my other friend's rigatoni vodka. Not horrible, I really wish I didn't have the bread or pizza or noodle though b/c I've been trying not to eat foods with flour. But my girl friend ate so much that I didn't feel too bad. She had 3 pieces or her pizza, about half of my other friend's pasta dish and some of my salad, and 1 roll of bread w/ lots of olive oil. I know it seems mean to feels happy that someone else ate some much more than me, but it really made me feel better. After that we went to this cool bar that makes really fancy 1920s-like drinks. I had 1 drink w/ cognac, apple brandy, pumpkin syrup and lemon. I think the whole night was around 600 calories. So total of 780 calories for the whole day yesterday. Just had 150 calorie Amy's Mexican tamale pie for lunch. Plan to have 1 Asian pear (80) and 1 mini bag of popcorn until dinner around 9pm. It's a damn house dinner again! And 1 of them made a homemade flourless chocolate cake...f my life! At least it's flourless! I'll have a sliver. Another housemate is makes penne vodka. I hope to stay out of the house until around 11pm so I'll miss eating with everyone else, talking and mindlessly reaching back into the dish for more pasta. GOAL IS TO BE 142.5 BY MONDAY. Then I'll have only 2.5 pounds to lose in 4 days for Thanksgiving. Let's do this!

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