Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ok I lied.

kinda had a food binge around 10:30pm. Instead of the peanuts and popcorn I planned, I had a snack pack, open-faced veggie burger sandwich w/ 1/2 cup baked beans, 1/2 cup rice w/ butter and hot sauce, 1 cup kashi cereal and another mini porcorn bag. Probably 1,300-1,400 calories for today. And I wasn't even really hungry, I just had a craving to chew b/c of my fasting yesterday. I believe with time I will get this under control. And the worst part is, I'm not even that pissed at myself right now. I've gotta want this more. Liquid fast tomorrow. Gonna weigh myself on Thursday morning, hope to be 144lbs. Think skinny thoughts.

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