Tuesday, November 16, 2010


145.6 this morning, wow. But the means to get there were painful. Yesterday was a liquid fast and I succeeded. But I got so light-headed and dizziness and nauseous around 8:30pm. I also spent 2 hours searching google images for pics of burgers, steak and asian food. Next time I feel like doing that I've just gotta read pro-ana blogs. Oh I also burned 700 calories yesterday whilst fasting and only ate 275 calories worth of liquids. I also felt so weak and when I woke up this morning I felt like the life had sucked out of me or something. When I stood on the scale to weigh myself I got a mini gray-out. I wonder if the soy milk made me nauseous. ugh..

Well today I've eaten a small green apple and 6 peanuts (130), Bibimbap (a Korean rice and veggie dish, probs 450), a bit of blueberries (100), mini bag of popcorn (100). Total of 780 so far. Will have 60 cal of peanuts and another 100 bag of popcorn. So total of 940 calories for today. I know I'm over my limit of 700 calories, but I needed that bibimbap earlier. And I have literally no time to exercise today. I hope that I'm no higher than 146 tomorrow morning. Off to read more blogs and stay motivated.

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