Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sorry guys, but it's just been so so SO bad. Only good news is that I successfully fasted on Friday...I literally lied in my bed ALL day so that I didn't have to come in contact w/ food or people. I was 139.2lbs that Saturday morning tho...down from 143.0lbs that Friday morning. So I know that shit works! Just ate like I didn't care again today..But I discovered this awesome new snack for me..puffed corn, which is only 60 calories per cup. And it's pretty yummy, helps with the crunch craving I have sometimes. Plan from Monday to Thursday..550 calories + plus gym at night. I'm gonna start going to the gym as late as I can so that I won't have time to eat a lot afterward. Not going to fast b/c I seem to be constipated so I'm trying to get rid of that problem. Sipping some Senna tea right now too. On Friday I've gotta go to a Chinese class BYO at a Greek restaurant. Sooo yea. 138lbs by Friday morning. No more forgotten promises. Good luck w/ your goals!

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