Monday, December 13, 2010


141.2 this morning, which is good I guess considering I stuffed myself this weekend. Intake for today:
B: veggie pack (60) at 1pm
L: 2 cups puffed rice (120) at 1:30pm
S: Asian pear (80) at 5pm
D: Amy's MTP (160) at 7pm
S: Special K bar (90) at 7:30pm
S: Fuze drink (10) at 8pm
Total 520 calories, burned 0
Ah, back to being organized! Sorry, no energy available for the gym, and working out makes me want to eat. Also, I'm determined not to eat after 8pm. I think night eating really helps to pack on the pounds.
I really need to lose weight, I have such a self-confidence issue. On Saturday some friends and I went downtown to a bar and I just couldn't bring myself to talk to any guys. Nor did I exact any guys to want to talk to me. My self-confidence goes better than just weight, but I know that if I was 120lbs or even less, I'd feel a lot better about myself. Hmmm well back to studying..finals. Dream skinny dreams everyone.

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