Friday, December 24, 2010


Dude..I was 135.8 this morning after burning 700 at the gym and my day of negative net intake. And then I had to go to this damned Christmas party. WHY?! I was really good with limiting what I ate, until dessert. omg the orange ricotta pound cake..insane! Well just finished my senna leaf tea and gonna down a bunch of Sun Chlorella pills soon. They're good for overall body health and keeping everything regulated. Drank lots of water during the party and still going. Hope to be 138 again tomorrow. I can soo be 133 by New Years, gonna do a fruit fast starting 12/27. Unfortunately the gym is closed tomorrow..bastards. So I'm gonna have to hulahoop my butt off tonight and tomorrow. All of the family friends that I saw at the party thought I couldn't possibly lose any more weight. But they're average or overweight Italians...all of my friends in college haven't said anything about my weight least. Hope to shock people when I come back as 129! Ok gotta keep hulahooping and drinking water!

HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE..seriously have a super awesome day with the one's you love. Try not to stress tooo much over the food. Trust me the lax tea makes it all better! The gyms will be back open on the 26th!

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