Thursday, December 23, 2010


Weight's gone down a bit and I just went to the gym and burned 700 calories. Yesterday was ok b/c I only ate around 500 calories, but I ate btwn 7pm and 12pm. It's just so hard to not eat late at home! Living off of chicken bouillon cubes, they're delicious! Add a dash of olive oil and cayenne pepper and it's just awesome!
I added a new page to my blog, the "daily intake" page, so I can track the food I eat everyday w/o boring anyone w/ that info in my regular blog posts. Food logging takes up a lot of space! Well I'm having a bit of a tiff w/ my mom who still thinks I'm 12 (long story), so I'm holing myself up in my room, which is helping w/ the no-eating.
But the title of this post is in relation to the upcoming holiday eating parties. Gosh I'm freaking out! Tomorrow I'm going to the gym to burn some fat before going to an Italian family's Christmas Eve dinner party. So. Much. Food. Then going to two dinners on Christmas day, Italian food and soul food. Horrible combo. I just pray that I'll still be 138 by the time it's all over. I want to be 135 or less by News Years tho, so I can be on track to be 129 by the time school starts again. Some family friends have noticed that I lost weight, and some think I've lost a lot. But I still don't think it's that noticeable. I still grab the fistfuls of fat that sit on my hips when I'm lying in bed. Still 18lbs to go, hopefully I'll be happy then.
Oh...and I got my period this morning. Soooo awesome.

P.S. I tried to purge after my binge the other go. I can only purge when some alcohol is in me. And I tried for 20 fucking minutes.

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