Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally officially in the 30s

Sorry it's been so long, finals and such.

I know I was supposed to be 138 on Friday, but that just didn't happen. So I've been 139.2 for the past 2 days now tho, so its official!

Interesting occurrence: Friday night I went to dinner with my Chinese class at a Greek restaurant. Had a bit more than I wanted to. Eating with living thinspo (Asian chicks) and they ate all their fucking food. Why can't I do that? So I was a lil upset when I got home, so....I went upstairs to the bathroom and purged a bit in the sick. WHAT?! I'm not bulimic, I'm not fully anorexic, I'm just EDNOS. I've never done that before. I think b/c I was a lil drunk from 3 glasses of wine it came easier. Wow. Well I know I got most of my dinner up, and since dessert came after that I assume I got that up too. So on the sidebar that's why it says minus 400. Oh boy..I don't plan to make purging a habit. It really doesn't come easily to me, I need alcohol to help it along. NOT gonna be a habit..unless I really binge on holiday dinners...

Well, I also just got home yesterday morning, went to the gym w/ my Dad and uncle, got a month pass for the winter break, and burned 700 calories. Had 1 cup pomegranates after working out, and about 300 calories worth of food when I got into my house after the drive up. Also went to dinner with my parents last night, but I was sooo good compared to so I usually eat, I didn't finish any of my food. Had 2 clams oregenata out of the 24 my parents ordered, 4 bites of Cesar salad, piece of bread w/ 1 tbsp olive oil, 3/4 of my appetizer sized beets and goat cheese cavatelli pasta entree, and 4 bites of pumpkin tart that me and my parents shared. I'm gonna say 1,000 calories for dinner just in case. Came back home and had 4 cashews and 1 cup pomegranates. I know it sounds like a lot...but I kept it to 1500 calories yesterday. And I'm still 139.2. In addition, I'm hula-hooping a bit in between meals to keep my metabolism up. Hoping to hit 135lbs by New Years now, I mean its just gonna be so hard while home, even tho I'm going to be working out 6 days a week. I brought my Diesel jeans back home for continued motivation. I can wear them, but the muffintop is sooooooo intense. It's always been like that tho.

So far today made myself a tofu-potato hash for about 300 calories. It was really good and filling! Had that around 1pm. Just had 1 1/2 of my puffed corn for 100 calories at 3pm. There's so much temptation here at parents got so many holiday goodies to snack on, but I've touched nothing so far. My Dad was a bit upset that I didn't eat as much at dinner last night too. But I've got goals to make. Mom's making pesto chicken w/ eggplant and brussel sprouts for dinner, pretty healthy. I'll count dinner as 400 at 6pm. Gonna continue to stop eating at 9pm while home. Many many holiday parties coming up, but it's gonna be ok b/c of the working out. Going tomorrow night with my Dad. Not much else going on now. Hope the numbers on the scale keep going down, OH and I brought my scale home and its in my bathroom! I like consistency.

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