Monday, January 31, 2011

And again...

Not the best of weekends...Karaoke night was great, but tequila and Mexican food were too abundant. Saturday I had my friend's 22nd birthday dinner, at which I ate really well (Chicken Marsala w/ mashed potatoes), but I had 2 slices of bread and a few bites of dessert too. I also burned 1,005 calories at the gym Saturday morning, but that didn't really matter in the end...Sunday was the WORST! I didn't care anymore because I knew I was having brunch at this amazing comfort food cafe, called Sabrina's, in Philadelphia with some old friends and there's was no way I was missing out on that. Since I knew from the beginning that I was gonna blow it, the whole day was a bomb.

So...129 by Sunday eh? HELLS YES! It's still possible and I'm gonna do it. Why? Because I just hate my body that much. I was close to crying last night while I was working on the car w/ my engineering club because I just felt my fat bulging out everywhere in front of the guys. I felt sooo awful and gross. Who wants to have to look at a fat cow like me all night?

Well plan of action:
  • 450 max cal days until Sunday morning!
I wanted to fast today, but I didn't want to get ahead of myself and then get super hungry later on in the week and blow it. So I'll probs fast on Saturday, which may be hard when I'm home, but it'll have to happen. Also,
  • burn at least 350 calories EVERYDAY!
  • net calories intake shouldn't be more than 100 each day!
  • commit to taking diet pills each day!
  • drink diet soda at least 1x a day!
The soda should really help with craving and I need to be hardcore about my pills. I hope to lose 1lb per day with this plan. I think I'm 136 right now, and with the last day as a fast, I should lose 2lbs on Saturday to be 129 by Sunday. No joke peps, let's get it done!


Burned at the gym...but the scale says...139.5! Say what?! This is no bueno, but I will not give up! I'm subtracting .5lb for the sweaty gym clothes. So we're starting at 139. No problem. Going to gym tomorrow morning around 7am. Why so early? Because this fat needs to die! And it may snow later and that will not get in the way!

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  1. I know how it feels. OMG I hate myself for eating mexican food on Saturday. I feel like the numbers are just going up and up :(

    I hope you burn all that off though, good luck!