Friday, January 28, 2011

Flirty Sanchez

I flirted with food this afternoon.

I wandered up and down the 2 food aisles of CVS, eye-humping the single serving ice cream cups, bags of pretzels, peanuts (I LOVE peanuts), granola bars, candy, and cereal. I did this for 15 minutes, staring at food items, keeping them up and holding them for a bit and then slowly putting them back on the shelf. I had this feeling of "I can eat whatever I want today!" mixed with "I've got to stay in control, I'm so close." Ugh it was wonderful and miserable at the same time. I decided to get a 4-pack of Kraft mac n' cheese single serving cups (220cal each), a box of Kellogg's chocolate and peanut butter fiber bars (130 each) and a diet 7-up. It could have been a lot worse *cough* peanuts *cough cough*.

After the gym I rushed thru the icy slush, got home and immediately started to make 1 of my mac n' cheese cups. When it was ready and nearly burned my tongue b/c I was so ready to devour it. So yummy and warm..ah. After eating that I promptly began to make my TJ steel-cut oatmeal, which was so great too. BUT then I called my Mom b/c she just got home from the rehab center for her knees and I told her I wanted to come home tomorrow. So after a few minutes I set out to remove the 7in of snow from atop my car and shovel the little uphill driveway it's in. That was about 45min of work, but I call it 30min of shoveling and waving my arms all over my car to remove the snow, and add that to my exercise for today! So that makes 610 + 185 = 795cal out! So as of now my intake is 50+220+150-795 = -375. Not horrible, b/c I really don't think I'm going to drink 500cal worth. I'd rather eat that!

OH, I got to check my weight! I found a digital scale at the gym and it says I'm 134.7lbs. So I've lost ~5lbs in 11 committed days. I'm NOT happy about that! I could be doing a regular diet and losing that amount. What else can I do?! EXERCISE! I've just got to go everyday now until next Friday, b/c I'll be going home next Saturday. Now I need to lose ~5lbs in the next 8 days, so but Saturday morning I am 129.x! Lord help me.

Stay strong all!

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