Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please Sir, I want some more..

Ok fruit and veggies day is pretty much a success. Had everything I said I would, except...I had 2 dinners. Yea I've been craving a full meal for awhile now, not just some damn snacks. I pan-fried my tofu in a bit of peanut oil and added turmeric and some salt, then I made my veggies with some soy sauce. OMG it was sooo delicious. 5 minutes after eating the 1st plate, I didn't to make another one. omg i'm sorry but I just needed it. I used less oil the 2nd time and 3/4 cups less veggies. Omg but I just can't regret it, it was so worth it. It's not like I ate something that wasn't in my plan. Btw how do you guys feel about tofu being a part of my f/v day? Do you think that's cheating? Opinions are greatly appreciated!

So tomorrow is mexican and karaoke night. I plan on just having tortilla soup, an appetizer. Gonna say 500 calories for the food (may have some guac and chips too), plus another 500 for the drinks. UGH!! Before the dinner I'm just gonna have a protein shake and TJ oatmeal. 300 cal before dinner then. OH and I'm SO going to the gym tomorrow morning!! I want to burn 500 cal at the gym so at the end of the day I'll have a net cal intake of 1,000. Hopefully there will be no late night drunken eating!

I feel so content right now, finally my tummy is happy! I'm a tofu groupie now! Still miserable w/o my scale tho, gonna sneak around the gym tomorrow to see if I can find one.. Keep it up everyone! Happy mocha-colored skinnies...I'll be one some day!

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