Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I need my scale!!! I have no idea if I'm losing. My clothes feel more or less the same. I only feel successful and skinnier after a fast day. Ugh I have no idea where my weight is!

As for my new schedule, I like it so far. Just ending the liquid day, where I had a protein shake, skinny caramel macchiato, Trader Joe's vegan split pea soup and 2 cups of 100% carrot juice. I took a nap for about 2 hours aftering eating the soup, so I didn't really feel hungry at all today. I feel like this is a good sign, getting me closer to fasting easier.

Lil change in the plan for this week: tomorrow is going to be a fruits/veggies day b/c I didn't do it on Tuesday. Tentative plan: small apple for breakfast, red pepper strips for snack during class, melon fruit salad from Wawa on the way back home, then veggie and tofu dinner. Yea I'm gonna include tofu on f/v days, I think the extra protein will help with filling full.

Friday is going to be my "reset day" b/c I have to go to dinner and karaoke with some friends. I'm super excited, but we're going to a Mexican restaurant where we'll be having maragritas and fat-laden food. I just going to get some kind of soup that night and safe my calories for the drinks! Karaoke's only fun when drunk, let's be honest people.

So Saturday is a regular 700 cal day. I pray for results. Let's all be beautiful! Here's to flowers blooming soon...

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