Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facing the Facts

So I just had a 980 calorie mini binge, some midnight snacking with one of my housemates after coming in from a bar. I only had a diet coke at the bar, but it's just like I get into autopilot when I come home late at night and I'm with my friends. One of my housemate's birthday is this weekend and so a friend made her a big chocolate/graham cracker/coconut bar thing. It's yummy..that added up to about 400 calories of my binge. Then chips and salsa, then some cereal and then some cream of wheat w/ cheese and soy sausage. Meh..

Well I'm going to the gym tomorrow morning to burn another 1,000 calories so it'll be coming off. But I've made the decision to change my Sunday goal to 133 instead of 129. It's just unfair, because I've never even seen 133 on the scale yet and it seems unreasonable to get to 129 just like that. Also, I was 138.5 this afternoon after 60 net calories! This reasoning is NOT to say that I'm not weak, I totally am. This binge was so avoidable. But I don't want to have another "fail" on my weight goal sidebar so...

In good news, the housemate that I was just eating with said I looked really skinny lastly! Yay! Time to get skinnier! But then we were also talking about dieting and how restricting too much can mess with your metabolism...That conversation always gets me nervous. Ah whatever I want to be skinny! Men will kneel at my feet!

Stay strong and positive everyone!

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