Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday Girl

I'm 22 years old today...jesus I'm old! I graduated from college last Monday too. Life is changing way too fast right now. My weight is not changing fast enough, but at the same time I don't want to freak out and eat everything in sight after 3 days of serious restricting. So I'm on the Vineyard now with my padres, and I'm focusing on limiting my intake to no more than 800 while burning close 400-500 from running or biking. I'm also experimenting with my diet pills to see how they affect my mood and focus. Alright so far I guess, I'm really not feeling that hungry. They make me feel a lil nauseous though right after taking them. But when I'm nauseous I don't feel like yea. I also didn't bring my scale with me, so I won't be stressing myself with that. I just want to try getting physical again with the exercise, I feel flabby.

In other news, the anxiety/depression problem isn't really getting better. I think I just have too much time to sit around and ponder about things that make me unhappy. I'm actually really excited to start work in late August so I can get my routine back on schedule. My spin bike is being shipped on Monday too, awesome! I'm so pumped to workout in my room, by myself, without having to look at skinnies the whole time. It makes me feel like shit. You would think it's great motivation, but it just kills me.

Thank you sooo much for your comments! They really lift me up! Keeping in touch my loves :)

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