Monday, May 23, 2011

I look pretty in baggy clothes

Really. There are no curves or lumps, just straight beautiful lines. I guess that's why I like staying in my PJs all day.

I had a good, hard run yesterday which I am very proud of. I've decided not to eat much of anything today. I don't really know why, but last night while I was watching basketball with my parents, I just announced that I'm not eating with them tomorrow, and then walked to my room. It's 5:49pm now, I woke up at 12:30pm. Took both doses of my diet pill already. I really like them, they don't hurt my tummy or make me nauseous anymore. I mean, I haven't eaten and I feel totally fine. If anything I'll settle for eating 1 orange and 1 plum for dinner. The nighttime is always the worst. But thankfully the Sims 3 is helping me stay distracted.

I like being alone. XO.

p.s. Welcome Adeline! I truly am honored to have you as a follower.


  1. blah i need to get my ass running! good job!
    ps what diet pill did you decide to take?

  2. Aw thank you darling! Your progress so far is incredible, I had to follow you for the pure inspiration of it :)

    Oh my goodness, I used to be SUCH a Sims addict when I was younger. I'm deliberatley refraining from upgrading my laptop, because I know the moment I do I'll be buying the latest Sims!

    Keep up the wonderful work sweety,
    Your new follower,
    Adeline xx