Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry, I've just been a bit embarrassed

My weight's not where I want it to be yet (which is in the 120s), but I've been working my ass off. After coming home from vacation, starting last Friday, I've been having a net intake between -100 to 300 calories. The numbers really weren't good after coming home, but my spin bike...oh my god. I ride this bitch whenever the thought enters my mind. Having your own piece of cardio equipment is the best tip a EDNOS chick can follow. Yesterday I ate 1,160 calories and burned 1,200. Today I ate 850 calories and burned 1,000. I hope to keep this up until Friday, when I'm quite sure I'll be 129. Then I'll slow down to only burn 1/2 of the calories I eat, while still eating between 800 and 1,000 calories a day. Once I hit my lowest weight again (127), I'm really going to try to only burn 3-5oz a day. I want this to last. I can't bare to do this again. It's been nearly 2 months since I was 127lbs. It's been forever. I just want to get there already! Wishing the best to all of you. XO.

P.S. Question: when someone posts a comment on your blog, do you reply on your next post or on that person's blog? Trying to learn all the blogger etiquette :)

An ode to sexy legs...keep spinning bitches 

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  1. when i respond, i like to leave it on their blog just so they actually see it because most people dont check the other person's blog again because they dont get a notification for it. i wish i had my own cardio piece, you lucky girl! stay lovely. <3