Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Over

...this whole pity trip I've been on. I'm sorry for being so whiny the past...4-5 months. I don't really know what happened, I was just feeling sorry for myself and wanted everyone to feel sorry for me. I haven't been very happy with my job, I've been eating complete shit, I haven't exercised in nearly 2 months, I'm stressed about apply to business schools. It's all just a bunch of excuses. I still hate my body and I still want to change that. And I'm going to do that.

I know you're all sick of hearing it, but I'm going to be back down to 135 by February 3rd. The whole month of January should give me enough time to get back on track. I'm pretty sure I'm sitting just below 150 right now.

Oatmeal, fresh broth (I got a pressure cooker for Christmas!), apples and grapefruits for this week. Updates to come, ladies. I'm there for you always.



  1. <3 you can get down, lovely. we believe in you! and we're not tired of hearing it. if it's all that rings in your head, then we're sure of it. :3 ewww. grapefruits. just don't be too strenuous on yourself, alright?? <3
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. good luck at getting to 135lbs!!!

  2. Sweety I'll never grow tired of hearing your dreams! In fact, may I join you in this one? Since our weights are so similar, I would love to aim for 135lbs by the beginning of February too.

    I loved this post, I am so happy to see you feeling motivated.

    Happy New Year darling,
    Adeline xx