Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ok maybe next Friday..

But I'm at 143.4 right now, which is the lowest I've been in about 2 months I think. That's so ridiculous. That's why I don't believe it fasting too much, because you'll just gain it all back, but much faster. I also don't believe in exercising when starving. On Wednesday night, I run for 4 miles and burned 500 calories, eat the same way I did all week, even went to the bathroom and pooped out some ounces, and even still I only lost 1 lb the following morning. When just eating the same way, without pooping or exercising, I would lose the same amount of weight. Why stress myself out with exercise if it doesn't even get me anywhere?!

Ugh, so I ate some nachos tonight and had 2 beers at happy hour with my coworkers. My bad. A good breakfast and lunch though. Going hula hoop and watch TV now. Btw, I hear if I was accepted to business school tummy hurts! Ah God I don't want to think about it. I'll add in some jumping jacks too.


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